Disability Advocacy & Action Committee


The Disability Advocacy & Action Committee (DAAC) was established in 2013 by Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity & Equity Marcus Martin. As a subcommittee of the Diversity Council, the purpose of this committee is to serve as a think-tank for improving access, in its broadest sense, at the University of Virginia.  The four working groups which were formed and report to the DAAC are: Communications & Events, Disability Studies Initiative, Policies & Accommodations, and Students. DAAC initiatives include:

  • Discussing issues related to disabilities and access;
  • Reviewing best practices related to disabilities and access;
  • Presenting information about disabilities and access to units and departments;
  • Reporting to the Diversity Council;
  • Supporting a disability studies symposium;
  • Advocating for a disability studies minor;
  • Providing recommendations, where appropriate, to the Diversity Council and/or senior administration; and
  • Strategizing as to how to implement recommendations.


The University of Virginia values disability within the spectrum of human diversity.  Recognizing the ongoing exclusion of people with disabilities, we work to eliminate physical, technological, and attitudinal barriers. We challenge social injustice throughout the University and community.


We aspire to live, learn, and work in a safe, inclusive, equitable, and respectful environment.

UVA's Statement on Accessibility

The University of Virginia values disability within the spectrum of human diversity and is committed to a living, learning, and work environment where individuals with disabilities can be their full selves and thrive. The University recognizes that ensuring equal access to educational, employment, and all other opportunities is a shared responsibility that demands our continuous identification and removal of physical, technological, and attitudinal barriers.


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Sarah Cole and Kristin Morgan, Committee Co-Chairs